The 16-year-old vocalist has been turning heads since she first picked up a microphone at age 8.

Although having battled debilitating shyness along the way to becoming a singer, Miella has always been a performer, it’s in her blood. She first discovered the stage at age 3, through dance, following in her mother’s footsteps. Miella’s dance career took her through the Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet Programs, and her success as a dancer eventually landed her at a crossroads. One year after relocating to Southern Queensland to commit to a full-time dance career, Miella decided she couldn’t give up school and singing for a life absorbed by dance.

With singing you can really move an audience and connect with them using the lyrics and melody to build emotion... I love that.

Since discovering her voice at age 8, Miella’s journey as a singer has progressed quickly. Within one year of singing, Miella was selected to visit the USA as part of the GLEEClub Australia Junior Talent Development Project as a singer/dancer/actress in 2012; and was again selected in 2013 aged 10. Miella then tried her hand at penning lyrics at age 12, and is currently working on new material.

Despite being just 16 years old, Miella’s career has already begun. She has been tutored by highly respected singing teacher Tracey Osmond, owner of The Voice Singing School, mentored by Adriana McPhee who is known as the vocal coach for American Idol, and King Social drummer Constantine Hagiaglou, among others. Miella also has a passion for the production side of song-writing, going behind the scenes and recording two songs with Paramount Studios’ Stevie Bensusen from the USA and recently recording her first début single ‘Real Love’ with Townsville-based producer Sam Wright from The Rec Room.

Being a triple threat, Miella has also performed as part of Brisbane theatre company, Harvest Rain, in productions of Hairspray, Grease and Wizard of Oz in Sydney and Brisbane. She is a regular on the live music circuit, performing at many of North Queensland’s premier venues and has also performed at various sporting, charity, private and public events throughout Queensland. Very recently, Miella had the privilege of sharing the stage with Rob Thomas (from Matchbox 20) at a charity concert in Townsville, Nth Queensland.

2019 sees Miella continuing to build on her skillset, studying audio engineering, improving on her musicianship, playing guitar, keys and drums whilst writing original material. Miella has recently returned from a successful trip to Brisbane where she recorded her newest single ‘To Whom It May Concern’ with producer Steve Kempnich from the renowned Airlock Studios.

Her sound belies her appearance, and Miella finds joy in surprising her audience with her voice’s unexpected maturity, lounge-vibe and depth of emotion. It’s easy to hear Miella’s inspirations of Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Nina Simone.

Soulful and sophisticated, Miella’s sound will only become more complex and emotion-provoking as she lives life’s inevitable joys, tragedies and broken hearts.





Miella is a fresh new artist with a style the music industry has lacked for a long time. Her quirky adaptations of popular songs and her honest lyrics in her originals, sets this young artist aside from the rest. Her drive and determination is unrivalled and is matched only by the beauty in her voice and the passion in her performance.

Miella is a joy to be around and a pleasure to work with. As her vocal coach it is thrilling to watch Miella launch her career with the help and guidance of the specialised people she has placed around herself. She is precise, reliable and one hell of a talent that is an absolute joy to coach.

Miella’s ability coupled with her infectious personality will see this girl’s career go from strength to strength. I am very excited to see where the next 5 years takes this incredible young artist!

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MMusStud (vocal pedagogy)
Director of The Voice Singing School

Miella is one of the most talented singers I have ever worked with! Her talent is only matched by her discipline, focus, and love for performing. I simply adore her!

American Idol Vocal Coach Season 16, 2018

I have known Miella since early childhood and have witnessed her develop into the young artist she is today. Any task she has undertaken has been done with zeal and distinction. Don’t let her young age fool you – you will be pleasantly surprised with the maturity and sophistication of her performance. Miella has been tutored by the best and this shines in her performance. Her passion for songwriting saw the production of her first debut single “Real Love” and I am looking forward to following this young performer’s career and listening to her future releases.


Miella Sartori from age 9 has shown work ethic, integrity and a uniqueness that will captivate your attention. Qualities that truly reflect her education, performances and work. 

As Miella’s dance teacher, I watched her confidence mature with every performance. She was the perfect muse for me to push my choreographic boundaries. Her drive for perfection complimented my need for perfection and vice versa. 

Miella is a sponge, absorbing every piece of information and retaining the knowledge to propel her forward. I am constantly in awe of her. 

A talent that will captivate you, hold your attention and leave you wanting more. 

What is next for Miella? She is the future. Don’t miss out.

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